Resizing Images

Resizing Digital Images.


CRCC’s digital projector requires images to be a specific size in order to display correctly. When sending images in for display, the maximum size in pixels required is 1024 x 768 at 72dpi. If your image is different to these sizes it doesn’t matter as long as the maximums are not exceeded. (Not too small though)


Another reason for resizing images is when entering external competitions. The rules should be carefully read and maximum image sizes will always be specified and this does vary from competition to competition.


To resize an image in Photoshop or Elements go to: –

  1. Image
  2. Resize
  3. Image size
  4. Resolution – set to 300 pixels
  5. Make sure ‘Constrain Proportions’ is ticked
  6. Ignore ‘Document Size’. The ‘pixels per inch’ value displayed in the resize window only applies to printed images and is not used for projected ones.
  7. Instead go to ‘Pixel Dimensions’
  8. Portrait –set pixel height to 768 (if the constrain proportion box is ticked the height will be automatic)
  9. Landscape – Set Pixel width to 1024 (if the constrain proportions box is ticked the height will be automatic)
  10. Click OK

It is important to note that your reduced image should be saved under a new filename and also as a jpeg file otherwise the original image will be lost.


An alternative method of resizing when using a Windows pc is to download an app from

Install the app.

Bring up the image you wish to resize and right click your mouse. Look in the sub menu for ‘Resize’ and click. This will bring up another sub menu and you then follow the easy instructions.


Finally when submitting images for competitions it is important to correctly name your image to ensure that they get to the correct places.

For all league competitions images should be titled with the Category A or B, then the image number 01, 02 or 03. Then your membership number, and lastly the image title. Each section should be separated by an underscore.

For example A01_68_Madonna , B03_24_Lands End etc


Chris Kelly

CRCC Competition Secretary

December 2014

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