Bob Morgan
I have been a photographer for over 30yrs, and in the olden days my peers told me that it’s not the equipment (a manual olympus trip) but the person behind the camera.THEY  LIED…..
Ever since digital came out when I bought my first Canon 10d  with all of the modern technology of auto focus, multiple shots per second, image tracking and the ability to see your photos
instantly on the camera, coupled with  the ability to alter the images on the computer my photography has improved many fold…….. Unfortunately, so has all of the other photographers
and the quantity and quality of images produced in the club are truly fantastic. 
Being a member of  CRCC has many benefits as all members are willing to share their own expertise with everyone, this is not always possible in other clubs as ‘ the elite’ try to stay at the top. So if you are looking for a camera club to improve your photography please come along, see web site for details



Classical blues

Classical Blues


Chocks away

Chocks Away





brighton peir

Brighton Pier


zap cat 03 (2)



zap cat 03 (1)

Zap Cat 03


venice evening

Venice Evening


Scottish Autum

Scotttish Autumn


Pike man

Pike Man

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