Reg Poad


I spent my working life in the Gas Industry as a Service Engineer and during that time enjoyed taking pictures on holiday and gardening.  I was introduced to Camera Club life by a member of this Club who was involved with the village show.  I began to enjoy the photography more and more as I improved. On retirement I became more involved with club life and striving to achieve the best possible image.  Whilst I do not specialise in any particular subject I do enjoy Natural History and Sports Photography, but enjoy taking on any new challenge.  Over the years I have had images accepted in International Salons, some with awards, and     that certainly gives a buzz to feel that your work is of a good standard.

Thundercat Number 7

Racing for the Line

Three Harvest Mice

Enys Bluebells


Beautiful Demoiselle


Barn Owl Just landed


Porcelain Fungus

Little Owl






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