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Why should I Join Camborne and Redruth Camera Club?


We are one of the oldest camera clubs in the county being established in 1938.


We can help you to improve your photography no matter what standard you are.


If you are new to photography we have a wealth of experience to help you get the best out of your camera. Our members have a wide range of experience and are willing to help new members. Whilst we do not have specific beginners courses, we have a very flexible programme that can include topics that you wish to be covered. Even experienced photographers benefit from going back to basics from time to time.


We also believe healthy critique of images is a good way of improving your photography. We provide this opportunity in a variety of ways.


  1. Show and Grow, on average twice a year the evening is dedicated to this. All members are invited to submit up to 2 images. One of our experienced members then provides friendly constructive feedback on the image. The author of that image is then invited to give their  feedback. This is wonderful way of having your images critiqued in a friendly non-competitive manner.
  2. Members Image Evenings, this is similar to Show and Grow. You can submit up to 3 images. In this case the members can provide constructive comments and each author can respond to explain why they took the photograph.
  3. Internal competitions. We have 4 internal competitions each year divided into 2 groups, Advanced and Intermediate. Advanced is for experienced photographers and Intermediate is for less experienced photographers. These are judged by someone not associated with the club who will come along to discuss each image and award scores accordingly. We are responsive in offering 2 class competitions. We believe that competitions are an excellent tool for improving your photography but also understand that they may be a daunting prospect for new members. The class system helps to encourage all members to join in.
  4. Interclub Competitions. The club enters 4 Interclub Competitions each year. The club selects 10-15 images from those submitted to represent the club. These are then judged by an external person and presented at one of the clubs with marks awarded to each image. This is an excellent opportunity to have your work compared against some of the best in Cornwall as well as seeing some of the best photographs from Cornwall’s photographers.

We organise field trips during the summer, they range in number but we try and have at least 4 each summer. Our goal is to arrange an event that provides access that is only available if you go with a camera club group, that is one that you could not attend on your own or not have the access afforded to us.


Finally, we are a friendly bunch who meet on each Thursday between September and April whose only goal is to enjoy and improve our photography.

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